" Why Are Investors Switching to JEMCO"

Is it Time to Transfer Your Management to A New Agent?

Are you feeling frustrated with your property management company? Well you are not alone. As a premium Central Florida property management company, we hear from many different owners who voiced the reasons for their dissatisfaction with their previous property manager.

Below is actual feedback from property owners as to why they switched over to Jemco to manage their Central Florida investment property..

  • “We never get a return telephone call from the manager.”
  • “Our property manager Overspends on Everything”
  • “We feel like property management is expensive and have little value, all we do is pay them.”
  • “Our property manager can never explain our financials to us”
  • “Our property manager Never Explains Why”
  • “We feel that our management company is too big/too small and we don’t get the service we need.”
  • “Our property manager Is Spread Too Thin.”
  • “Our property manager Takes Forever to Get Anything Done”
  • “We never see the property manager when they make their site visits.”
  • “We never know the status of our projects.”
  • “Our property manager never keeps his word. He tells us yes, and yet, nothing ever gets done or gets done on time.”
  • “We never get any help, advice or expertise from our manager.”
  • “Our property manager is real nice but overall is ineffective.”
  • “We do not like the property manager’s personality.”
  • “Our property manager Is a Jerk!”
  • “In order to get something done, we do it ourselves.  We feel like we are the property manager.”

Before you Switch Management Company

If you are ready to change your property management company.  There are a few things you need to consider before you make the change


Review Your Current Agreement:

You want to review the legal agreement you have with your current property management company and look for the clauses that pertain to expiration date, auto-renewal, early termination fee and required notification.

(Early Termination/Cancellation Fee)
Is it a one time flat fee or are you required to pay a cancellation fee plus a percentage are they current valid lease in place? (this could be expensive)

(Agreement Expiration Date) 
Does the agreement expire at a set given date or does it auto renew itself. (if you don’t cancel within a specific time frame you will be on the hook for another year)

(Required Cancellation Notice & Procedures) 
Make sure you give proper notice as per the management agreement. A phone call might not work but an email can. All depends on what your management agreement states.

Why are Investors Switching to JEMCO Property Management?

Because there is nothing to lose!
Our No Risk Guarantee is simple and straightforward.

If you are not happy with our service and we don’t live up to our promise. You can cancel our agreement with 30 days notice without any any fees or recourse to you

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